Churches and Cell Groups Celebrate Pentecost 2024 Retreats Across Region

Churches and Cell Groups gather on Pentecost Sunday

Several churches in various countries including their cell groups celebrated Pentecost retreats on May 17-19. It was an opportunity for Olivet Assembly constituents in the region to set aside time to gather and seek the power of the Holy Spirit through the listening of messages and prayer meetings.

The churches and cell groups all reported grace-filled retreats with newcomers who were able to deepen their understanding of what the Holy Spirit is, what it does and how one receives it.

During the Pentecost, churches worldwide commemorate and celebrate the advent of the Holy Spirit to this world that was initially manifested to the 120 disciples that were gathered in Jerusalem. As the Holy Spirit was poured down to the members of the primitive church many witnessed what was described as “tongues of fire” in the book of Acts 2.