January Mission Reports Indicate Increasing Outreach, Evangelism and Membership

Olivet Assembly South America January 2024, Mission Reports

Olivet Assembly South America’s January mission reports submitted by the countries of Paraguay, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina and Colombia indicate considerable growth in the areas of outreach, evangelism and membership. The five countries submitted statistics of the various mission efforts carried out in the first month of 2024 and the results that accompanied these efforts, namely newcomers to churches as well as new church members established.

The mission department of the Assembly has found these reports to be indicative of the rising level of professionality that is being encountered throughout missions in the region.  OA South America encourages the leadership of each country to follow and adhere to the strategies implemented  in each of the countries that have achieved good and observable results.

The Assembly has been following a stat-driven approach to measure mission efforts and track the progress of each country. The main office encourages the missions in each country to remain focused and prayerful over their established goals and objectives and reach the daily, weekly and monthly statistical goals in order to present significant growth in 2024 and also produce abundant mission fruits for the Lord.