Regional Office Announces Plans for Local Congregational Growth Support

Olivet Assembly South America is preparing support for the growth of the membership in each country by revising existing educational material in addition to preparing new material, increasing the number of regional online prayer meetings as well as online mentorships and regular lectures.

Increase Educational Material
The educational material would be comprised of two parts – 1) Material for self/personal study 2) Material for group settings. The material for self/personal study would be provided so that the local member could continuously advance his/her meditation on the Gospel in order to ensure daily reflection. As for material for group settings, several requests were made in this aspect so as to encourage meetups and onsite discussion of scriptures.

The Assembly hopes that these materials will allow church members to deepen their understanding of the Gospel and may in return enrich their spiritual lives.

Focused Prayer Meetings
Opportunities for prayer meetings will increase and will be conducted regionally, sub-regionally as well as nationally.  This should help ensure missionaries and aspiring leaders are covered by prayers for protection and at the same time strengthened to participate in ministry works. One of the main objectives of the region is to engage more in prayer time with the leadership of each country and to grow in unity through the sharing of the situation as well as praying for each other.

Mentorships & Lectures
The mentorships and regular lectures will take aim at ensuring that the “Faith & Order” of the assembly is well understood and followed. Especially, the region plans to increase opportunities where aspiring leaders can participate in mentorships and lectures through programs like OLI in order to continue deepening their understanding over creation, sin, salvation by Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

With increased efforts to continuously support, nurture and raise leaders, the region aims to prepare for the anticipated mission growth that will take place in 2024.