Olivet Assembly Colombia Actively Strengthening National Church Network

Colombia Church Network

Olivet Assembly Colombia has set its aim in strengthening its church network in 2024. Olivet Assembly active missions are currently located in various cities including Medellín, Barranquilla, Cali in addition to the cities of Bucaramanga, Santa Marta, Pasto, and Bogotá.

The leadership in Bogotá is anticipating that many new locals in these cities will commit to serve after finalizing their discipleship training and plans are to establish new seminary students among these locals. Once these students graduate, they could be eligible to become main pastors in the cities and this in return would strengthen the existing mission network.

In addition, since online outreach and evangelism is very active in this nation the Colombian Assembly reports that potential locals have been reached in several other cities. As a result, there is ongoing mission activities in at least 14 cities. The local leadership shares its excitement over this encouraging development – an outreach which has been steadily extending to different cities.

As the membership in each mission-active city increases, the Assembly encourages each local mission to continue to push until achieving official church status.