Fasting Day and Victory Services in Emanuel Church Bolivia


The Emanuel congregation met last Sunday to have a full day of fasting, prayer and three services to glorify God. There was a great call among church members to participate in this beautiful activity.

The purpose of convening a day of fasting was to strengthen the spiritual life of the members and also to seek God’s favor to solve the social crisis in the country.

The services were started at 09:00 / 12:00 / 15:00 in each of the services there were different preachers. The leader of OTM preached in the first, Pastor Javier in the Second and the leader of Creatio Grace preached in the last service. Each of which was filled with Grace and the word of God.

There were also different times of prayer guided by the brothers of the praise group through which the Lord poured much blessing on his people.

With new forces the leaders are emerging towards a new year in which they will seek to conquer the different goals that were set for the year 2020.