Venezuela Missionary Arrives in Peru


With great hope, Olivet Assembly of Venezuela dispatched to the Missionary Nancy Raquel Sanchez, who served for 2 years as an interim missionary in the Emanuel Church in Barcelona and from now on she will be part of the mission in Peru. On June 11th, Missionary Nancy arrived at Venezuela in Peru safely. 

The missionary shared that she felt the total support and company of God. And this is evident in the growth that the Church had in her city during her work.

"This time has been a great experience for me, as well as a very important learning for my work, that is why I am leaving this mission with the immense love I feel for the precious souls that the Lord allowed me to know, and in turn I have a great joy and expectation of the next task entrusted to me, knowing that I will not be alone, but that the Lord will always be with me,"said Raquel.