Argentina: Graceful Sunday Service "Duty of a Servant"


This Sunday the Emmanuel Church had a beautiful service with great fellowship sharing the spiritual and physical bread with abundant grace of God.

The service began with a praise filled with the holy spirit where everyone could feel the presence of God followed by a preaching from Luke 17: 7-10 where Pastor Jhon shared the duty of a deer. "The Lord Jesus showed us how we should serve, with a heart of love, as he served us, as it says in Philippians 2 even though he was equal to God, he didn't consider being equal to God as something to cling to, but he humbles himself and He became a servant and served us to death. Jesus with his life taught us that in the world that will comes the owner will be the one who serve and become deer by himself. May we all become those faithful deer as the Lord was and is with us."

At the end of the service everyone shared their spiritual bread and then they had a pleasant moment sharing the physical bread. The environment was very natural where the grace of God flowed in their hearts.

May God continue to add people who can become a good servant fallower of Jesus Christ.