Sunday Service with New Registered Members in Chile


On the last Sunday of January the members of the Emanuel Church of Santiago de Chile celebrated a new Sunday service with a great attendance of 34 people.

To this new Sunday service the brothers arrived early with a heart that was willing to be in the presence of the Lord and be ministered by the word of the Lord. On this day the Word of the Lord given by brother Manuel was "Gethsemane", Matthew 26: 36-46 "Gethsemane means" Oil Press", the place where the olives are pressed and burst to the point where the oil begins to flow A highly valued oil, olive oil, which is not any oil, in this place the Lord Jesus was pressed, was afflicted in the extreme, for our salvation Many complain that God can not understand us, and that is false It is not only false, it is also unjust, Jesus understands us, he went through all the losses and betrayals that could happen, with the great difference that he was innocent and without sin. "

Also on this day a beautiful marriage was joined to the Lord's family as registered members. The brothers Asnaldo and Liliana were very happy and excited to belong to the Chilean church, willing to participate and support always. It was a Sunday of victory in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.