Caracas Gives Thanks to God for the Grace Received


Emanuel Church of Caracas received a great blessing on Sunday in the celebration of the service, in which the Lord edified each one of those present with the counsel of His Word, it was sent with anointing by the Holy Spirit, in such a way, that each life experienced the visitation of the Lord within, speaking to his Church about gratitude, having been healed of spiritual leprosy, and through his great love have been accepted before the Heavenly Father, really the Word was sent with I deny the congregation and did the work for which it was sent, during the sharing of the bread, each one expressed with great firmness how they were built through the counsel of the Lord.

The whole congregation in unity, unanimous and full of grace gave Glory to God for all that he has done with each of them and for his benevolence.

The love of the Lord has been poured out abundantly on them, this has brought growth in their spiritual lives, and has allowed them to announce the love of God in others.
Today, four people came to the congregation for the first time, three of whom are receiving Discipleship and are willing to remain in Christ Jesus.

It was a time of great blessing, full of adoration before the throne of the Lord, in a great way they were placed in honor before the Lord and this brought them a lot of gratitude.

The people who visited the Church for the first time, expressed that they felt very good in it, that there is something special in that place, of course, it is the goodness and Grace of God, manifested in the middle of the place chosen to praise his Name