Ministry Focus

Elim Latin America Gathers 30 Members of Prayer Warrior


Elim Latin America notified graceful news that it had collected 30 members who wanted to pray for the purpose of the life revival history of Latin America. This movement, which began in January, has led to have prayer passions of the hearts of Elim Latin American members and to join in an intercessory prayer meeting for each other.

Through the online prayer meeting held on January 25, Moon Lucia, the representative of Elim Latin America presented the daily spiritual standards that  Elim members should have. Above all, the members were inspired to focus on listening to the Elim lecture more than twice a week so that prayer can be deepened on the basis of the Truth. After that, they all together had time to pray with one heart and one will for Latin missions and finance.

The representative of Elim Latin America gave faith and hope to members' hearts through a prophecy, and shared the following vision. "There are many angeles near us to help us. So if you have more time, let's pray more" This meeting is held every Thursday, and it encourages participation in meetings to have the greater history of the Holy Spirit through this gathering.

May Elim Latin America members unite as one, hoping to break through all the difficulties with prayer and to revive Latin areas through the power of the Holy Spirit.